Meet Nassima

Hi, I’m Nassima. I’m half-Scottish, half-Moroccan, and was lucky enough to grow up in both Scotland and Morocco.


I’ve always been drawn to human behaviour. Even as a teenager, I’d spend my pocket money on Psychologies Magazine over Just Seventeen, devouring every single page.




Christmas in Scotland

After graduating from Herriot Watt University with an M.A. in International Business, I made a bold (and brilliant) decision; to move to Dubai. It was a risk. But I had nothing to lose. Dubai offered me the ultimate opportunity to explore my true self; it was where East meets West which was perfect for my yearning , something I’d yearned for during my years in Scotland.

‘Who you are is what you've been doing, who you'll be is what you do next.’

Morocco days

It took me a while to find my feet. I worked in Business Development, Marketing and Sales roles in various industries, from recruitment to automotive, then, when the real-estate boom happened in 2004, I jumped at the chance to work in brokerage. Ah, what fun days! I was essentially my own boss. I just loved every aspect of “hustling”. However, I was still searching for a deeper connection. Something wasn’t ticking the box for me. So I put in the work and completed my MSc. in Psychology.

First week in Dubai, November 1999, age 22

‘You are not a reflexion of the results in your life, the results in your life are a reflection of you.’

But I was still working in real estate. A job’s a job. I was often earning in a month what many senior executives earn in a year and had an abundance of flexibility on my journey into motherhood. Despite these perks, I’d become increasingly frustrated – and defeated – working for certain companies that held little value for what I could offer in terms of innovation and ideas. I felt stuck. Unappreciated. This was a problem and I couldn’t pinpoint the solution.

Step by step, things began to change. I completed a number of Master Certifications in NLP and Coaching and a transformation truly began. My relationships became stronger and more meaningful, including the most important relationship of all; the one that I had with myself. I was able to smash my limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. I began to realise that qualifications, work experience and whatever words are on a fancy business card don’t mean anything if your life is devoid of real self-connection and true unstoppable confidence. Success cannot be measured by what you have, but how you feel.


I speak from the heart. The quality of your life is a direct result of the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. So now, I dedicate my career to helping ambitious women, just like you, to overcome your personal blocks and fears. I want you to live your life to the full. Your dream business can be built. Your goals can be reached. The power is already within you.

‘Empower your Mind, Empower your Life’